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aeg lavamat control board

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Back Window Cleaners Back. Search for spare parts.In this short tutorial I'll explain how to fix a very common problem with about 3 to 6 years old AEG or Electrolux dishwashers.

If the dishwasher works otherwise, but doesn't heat up the water anymore, the problem is very likely to be broken soldering in the circuit board. The problem can easily be fixed by just resoldering the broken connection.

In this tutorial I fixed an AEG Electrolux model dishwasher, but lots of people have reported that this fix works for many other models too. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Start by unplugging the mains power connector for safety reasons. Next, open the washers front door and unscrew the six screws pointed out by the red arrows in the picture. This allows for the top panel on the outside to come off, so you can remove the control box.

Carefully pull out the top panel a bit by pulling towards yourself. Watch for the power switch cables pointed out with the blue circle in the picture and the door opener lever green arrow in the picture.

Zanussi Tumble Dryer Controller Repair Diagnostic

Unplug the power switch blue circle carefully so you don't break the wiring. The door opener lever comes out of it's position by moving the top panel to the side a bit.

Error codes for AEG washing machines

Watch the lever green arrow as it gets free from the opener. Note the two small plastic clips that secures the circuit board box in the top panel.

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Carefully push the clips so that the control box detaches from the top panel. After unclipping the control box, carefully pull it out a bit to get access to the cable connectors at the back. Take note of the order and placing of the different connectors before unplugging them so that you don't forget in which order they should be inserted back after the repair. A quick way of doing this is taking a picture of the connectors with your cell phone camera.

Parts & Accessories for AEG Washing Machines

The control box containing the circuit board can be opened by opening the two plastic clips on each side of the box. The control box opens up like a book when pulling the halfs apart at the connector side. The relay to be soldered is pointed out with a red arrow in the lower picture. The problem is often very well visible when you open up the control box.

In many cases there is a burned area that tells you where the soldering is broken. In some cases there are no visible marks of burning, but many report that the problem is still the same, so give it a try anyway, even if there is no visible burning. In this case the copper track was burned so bad, that I had to solder a small piece of wire by the red arrow in the picture to make contact between the relay's leg and the copper track.Discussion in 'Troubleshooting and Repair' started by Arioda, Aug 7, Connect with us.

Electronics Forums. Search Forums Recent Posts. Scroll to continue with content. Aug 7, 1. Seems such are not available to normal mortals. Anybody have one to share? This control brain is common to many Whirlpool front loaders, e. I have a Kenmore HE4. The MCU schematic would come in handy too. The mechanicals are all good but the electronics is plagued with bad connectors and poorly designed relay circuitry no snubbers.

aeg lavamat control board

Aug 7, 2. A schematic isn't going to help fix bad connections or poorly snubbed relay contacts - you can address them with the relevant parts and good engineering practise. Changing the relays for better quality versions is usually a good fix for any such machine these days. If you wanted to be 'anal' about relays you could remove them and fit SSR solid-state relays to eliminate the snubber issue and increase longevity. Aug 7, 3.

Aug 7, 4. Good spot dave But going back to my post It's often possible to re-work 'cheap' goods to be very much more reliable but when if you take your time, trouble and expense into account in doing these mods you would see that purchasing a higher quality item in the first place is the easier route to take It's only by virtue of DIY that makes such mods worthwhile and makes the saying "buy cheap, buy twice" very applicable.

Aug 7, 5. It is a very strange state that my older appliances may outlive something someone buys new today at twice the price I paid for them, merely because newer have more electronic circuits that are necessary for basic functionality.

Granted, the more the new appliance costs, the more wiggle room there is for a repair part to cost "X" amount and still seem cost effective rather than paying that much again for an entire new unit.

Aug 7, 6. Built-in obsolescence is a fact. Manufacturers simply cannot afford to build equipment that 'lasts' else they go out of business! Aug 7, 7. Thanks folks.

aeg lavamat control board

I also have some parts for RC snubbers if the relays don't look like a good fit. I assume SSRs can tolerate back emf. Immediately the unit stopped working and I feared I had crossed a wire hence wanting the schematic. One would be handy for future repairs possibly. In reality, the unit stopped working because the connector that supplies ac to the motor unit had broken loose with all my fiddling. With the motor unit offline I naturally started getting comm errors.Tumble Dryer Spare Parts.

If these fault codes apply to your Tumble dryer it should have a fascia panel on it like one of those shown below, there are four known variants covering quite literally hundreds of different models sold in the UK and across the EU. If the problem does not re-occur, the alarm is memorized and the cycle continues.

If, after several attempts to restore power, the fault persists, alarm E62 is generated. Thanks for a great video which I have been referring to over the past few months. A very small piece of paper got into the venting system which led to the non-resettable TOC tripping with an error code of E The dryer vents were very clean. I saw that the element that you vacuumed clean was covered in dust but my system appears to be ultra sensitive to any change in airflow. I then downloaded the service manual to help me diagnose the problem.

I installed a new element this time the the error is E I cleared the error and set it into diagnostic in position C6. ELE was shown then E63 was shown on the display and the machine went into a test mode the machine heats but not sure if the error still exist.

Does my problem still exist? I thought that the test cycle would show an error code after it completes not at the start. It is making me a bit crazy. Any ideas on how to gain peace of mind that the problem has finally been fixed? Also do most tumble dryers have massive holes for debris to be sucked into the system? Should a tiny leaf trip the TOC? I am hoping to buy a washer and dryer set from a woman but thy dryer has a code of E Before I actually buy it, how much will it cost to fix this type error.

Thank You for your time. Excellent video on the E61 error.

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I have a new model Dryer and am havong the same error code. Can you help me? I own a Electrolux tumble front loading dryer. It has had this E61 issue intermittently.The electronic control board runs all the dishwasher's functions—filling, washing, drying and draining—which can make it difficult to pinpoint the control board as the source of a problem.

With the dishwasher door open, remove the Torx screws from the inner door panel. Support the outer door panel with one hand as you remove the final 2 screws so the outer door panel doesn't fall. Separate the outer door panel and control panel slightly from the inner door panel, and let the outer panel rest on the floor while you disconnect the user interface control wire harness from the control panel. Lift the locking tab, slide the control board slightly left and then release it from the inner door panel.

Push the new electronic control board into the mounting slots and slide it to the right to engage the locking tab. Position the outer door panel and control panel close enough to the inner door so you can reconnect the user interface control wire harness. Reconnect the user interface control wire harness and attach the outer door panel and control panel to the inner door panel.

If the control panel goes blank, the fan could be to blame. Replace the vent and fan assembly using these steps. Here's how. If your dishwasher fills constantly or won't fill at all, the water inlet valve has failed. You can replace it in about half an hour.

Overloading the detergent dispenser, using clumpy soap and a broken actuator are reasons why the dispenser won't open. October 1, Quick links. Replacing a dishwasher electronic control board. Shut off electrical power. Unplug the dishwasher or shut off the house circuit breaker for the dishwasher. Remove the outer door panel and control panel.

Pull off the outer door panel and control panel. Remove the electronic control board.

Parts & Accessories for AEG Washing Machines

Release the cover locking tabs and remove the electronic control board cover. Release the wire harness connector brace and connector box cover. Disconnect the electronic control board wires. Install the new electronic control board. Remove the cover from the new electronic control board. Connect the electronic control board wires to the new control board.

Install the wire harness connector brace and connector box cover. Reinstall the electronic control board cover. Reinstall the outer door panel and control panel. Reinstall the mounting screws. Tip: Use the longer screws to secure the control panel. Restore electrical power.Page of 48 Go. Quick Links. Table of Contents. Electrolux washing machine instruction book lavamat 48 pages.

Aeg lavamat washing machine instruction book 48 pages. Electrolux owners manual front-load washer 52 pages. Electrolux instruction manual front-load washer lavamat 56 pages. Electrolux user information front-load washer lavamat 36 pages. Page 2 If you require assistance or advice on your appliance, please contact our customer care department by letter or telephone: Printed on environmentally friendly paper. Whoever thinks ecologically also acts ecologically.

Page 4 Contents Program Tables If you are unsure about any of the meanings of these warnings, contact the Customer Care Department. Repairs carried out by inexperienced persons may cause injury or serious malfunctioning. All packaging materials are environmentally friendly and can be disposed of without any danger to the environment. Only turn the program selector clockwise! Rinse hold means: the washing is left in the last rinse water, it is not spun.

Pre wash approx. They provide a useful guide for operation in the home.


Washing should be sorted according to type and care symbol. The tem- peratures indicated in the care symbols are maximum temperatures. Page Detergents And Conditioners Operating Instructions Detergents and Conditioners Only use detergents and fabric softeners suitable for automatic washing machines.

As a general rule follow the instructions of the detergent manufacturers. Which Detergent?

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To ensure you obtain the best wash results from your appliance, it is important to use the right detergent in your everyday wash, and only detergents recommended for use in automatic machines. Not only are there different types of detergent, but they are also avail- able in different forms. Whether you choose a powder or liquid in traditional or compact form, is down to personal choice.

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